The Dark Truth


TRUTH (Noun) - A statement or belief that is accepted as being accurate, based on the understanding of the individual being offered what is considered the truth.

FACT (Noun) - Indisputable information, supported by scientific research, proof, or verifiable evidence.

Why the dictionary definitions? Because there's a considerable difference between truth and fact when discussing how we view and process everything around us. While facts require proof and evidence, truth only needs to be accepted by the people giving or receiving the information, and that's what my blog is all about. You may not agree with my truth, but I'm hoping you'll at least find it entertaining, if not at thought-provoking, or possibly providing another way of viewing something in a different way than you've thought before. 

Welcome to the Dark Side Of The Truth.

While searching for truth, there are certain things we have to understand and accept, whether we realize them or not, these are thoughts, theories, and truths I've observed during my life and I intend to share these truths with you; so let's get started.



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