Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths

Q & A VOL. 3

February 10, 2018


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Q: Why did he go right to the shower when he got home from the club?

A: He knows you don't wear lipstick.

Q: Does my breath smell?

A: Yes.

Q: Does he want to fuck any of my friends?

A: Of course not... You dumb Fuckrag.

Q: Is that video game more important than me?

A: Apparently.

Q: What's porn got that I don't?

A: Women who are prettier and weigh far less than you.

Q: What's that other WOMAN have that I don't?

A: 50 fewer pounds, the ability to see her feet, find clothes in her size virtually ANYWHERE

Q: What's that other MAN have that I don't?

A: Actual dick and the ability to piss PAST his balls.

Q: Is he telling me I could stand to lose some weight?

A: Not at all... He's saying tell your twin sister to stop following you so close everywhere you go!

Q: If she says, "Not right now," how long should I wait before asking her to dance again?

A: Three months from that very second.

Q: Why does he always blast the music when we're in the car together?

A: You talk too fucking much, and your breath smells like ass.

Q: Why does he look depressed when we're out together shopping or at the club?

A: Because you're still alive and breathing.

Q: Is she ashamed of me?


Q: Does any of HIS friends want to fuck me?

A: Depends... does he know you're walking up to the front door?

Q: Why won't he ever dance with me?

A: Probably because there are another 50-60 extra pounds of you to dance with and his arms will get sore sooner.

Q: Why won't he kiss me in public?

A: Because every woman who knows him will think he's a nasty fuck for making out with his cousin or an asshole for kissing his best friend's woman.

Q: Why was that black girl trying to fight my man?

A: He ripped the sales tag off the back of the shirt, so now she can't return it.

Q: What's that look on HER face when we go out?

A: It's at 11 pm... Why does this ASSBANGLE have on sunglasses?

Q: Why's she so against anal sex?

A: She doesn't want to go where another man's gone before.

Q: Does my pussy get too wet for him when I orgasm?

A: Depends... Are we heading out or coming home?

Q: When's the best time to tell him I don't suck dick?

A: 1941.

Q: How do I know if he's lying about what he did last night while he was out with his friends?

A: Because you asked him about last night when he went out with his friends.    


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


January 26, 2018



     Since we've covered the different types of jealousy and how to deal with them, I feel I should also point out a different form of jealousy that I've started to notice more recently, even though I'm pretty sure it's been around for quite some time. We all know when it comes to certain things, women have been known to be what pop culture refers to as, “Catty" to each other.

     We've all seen it before. We've been the subject of it, some of us have personally fallen victim to it. It's the first 5-10 minutes, that initial spark that lights the fire on the road to full-on jealousy. Men don't behave the same way as women when they're catty to each other, but you can bet your ass they exhibit the same emotions and reactions as women when faced with certain situations. I wouldn't necessarily refer to a man to being catty, because we react differently and on a different level, but it does happen. For the reaction and behavior exhibited by men in those instances, I've coined the phrase, "Bitch-Up" or, "Turning bitch" about men who display the same symptoms as being Catty.

     We've all seen it at one time or another. Either at work, in our social lives, even at church. A group of women will be the best of friends until an attractive, eligible man walks into the room and suddenly the claws come out.

     Jenny, Sarah, and Maria are the closest of friends. They belong to the same gym and frequently work out together. Darius is the new trainer to the facility; 6'2, 235, Dark-skinned, single accompany his great personality and willingness to offer workout advice. He DEFINITELY has the eye of all three women. To keep from causing friction in their friendship, each agrees not to pursue him. In actuality, they're all plotting to get Darius to approach them to honor their agreement. Jenny starts her work out a little earlier than her friends, hoping Darius will notice her attempts at eye contact and approach her. Sarah will pretend to struggle with her workout to catch his professional attention, positioning him to offer assistance and/or one on one sessions. Maria might wear more revealing workout clothes to catch his eye.

     Men, on the other hand, will turn bitch when it comes to someone, they've expressed an interest in and was either rejected or categorized as just a friend by his intended interest. He'll respect her, but will get Grade A, all-beef American hot dog, and apple pie butt-hurt if the subject of his attraction shows interest in someone else, particularly someone she doesn't know or just met. In the mind of the bitch he sees and interacts with this woman regularly; she knows him and, in his mind, has at least an idea he's a good, decent guy, but for some reason, doesn't want him. He'll rack his brain trying to figure out what it is about himself that makes him undesirable to her, but some guy in the passing.

     John and Megan have worked together for almost three years. Some time ago, John asked Megan on a date or expressed his interest in more than just a friendship or professional relationship which she politely declined, stating she didn't want to ruin the bond, or she'd just gotten out of a long-term relationship and focusing on herself at the moment.

     While working on a project, the new water delivery guy stopped at John's desk, asking for the locations of the water machines, to which Megan immediately offers to escort him around, leaving John to continue working. After 10 minutes, John finds Megan next to the water cooler by the break room, chatting up the delivery guy with small talk and playful flirting, showing no intent to disguise her attraction and interest. She sees John and assures him she'll only be a few more minutes. Ten minutes later, John finds her at the elevator door, smiling/laughing, etc. Returning to their project, Megan is now so OBVIOUSLY distracted; she doesn't even realize the look on John's face or the change in his demeanor towards her.

     You may be wondering, "What's the difference between being jealous and "turning bitch?" The answer is pretty simple. Jealousy normally manifests itself over some time and involves people who know each other. It takes longer to get over jealousy. Both men AND women can experience jealousy. When a man turns bitch, it's because he knows the woman involved and the other man is either new or temporarily introduced into their dynamic. People are far more able to conceal their jealousy, while a man's facial expression, immediate demeanor, even his interaction with the woman in question will be apparent almost immediately after he turns bitch on her.

     Usually, I'd say a man would only turn bitch when a woman is involved, but there are those rare occasions when he turns bitch in the workplace. We all know women will turn catty if one of them receives a promotion or special recognition. Rumors of flirting, being inappropriately social, or even accusing each other of sleeping their way to the top aren't beyond the scope of being catty. Men are less likely to react in that manner. They're much more discreet about how they turn bitch. They'll strike up a conversation with the big bosses about their interests and try to insert themselves into situations to be invited on fishing trips, golf rounds, etc. They'll take credit for a subordinate's hard work and pass it off as their own or ignore the chain of command and walk right into the senior manager's office with an idea if there's a credit to be given.

     Nowhere near as frequently as women, but a man will turn bitch towards his friends. Mike and Jay are hanging out at the club, and Mike sees a woman he's interested in sitting at the bar, having a drink. After a light conversation, she decides to join Mike and Jay at their table. Instantly, her attention turns from Mike as she clearly shows more interest in getting to know Jay. Seeing this, Mike will immediately turn bitch, even though Jay shows absolutely no interest in this woman. For the rest of the night, Mike will look at Jay in light of betrayal without giving any thought to the fact Jay turned her down.

     How does a person avoid turning bitch? The truth is, you can't. Whether you're prone to it or not, it can sneak up on you like a cobra. It can come out of nowhere and strike. The best thing to do is to recognize it ASAP and deal with it internally. If you're turning bitch over a woman, remember, there are so many fish in the sea, there's no reason to get bent because one of the many isn't interested. If at work, your time will come.


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


January 18, 2018


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     We've all been there at some point in our lives; whether it be over someone we knew, someone we had feelings for, been in a relationship with, professionally, materialistic, or whatever, we've been jealous of someone else for one reason or another. As we get older, you'd think those feelings would go away, or it would be easier to identify and avoid them, but that's not the case for some people. Shoes, clothes, toys, and popularity have been replaced by professional standing, looks, talent/creativity, relationship status, etc. The variables may have changed, but the jealousy remains the same, and instead of being able to get past it quicker and easier as we mature, it gets worse as we come to terms with the realization of our mortality.

     Jealousy is officially defined as a feeling of resentment against something or someone because of rivalry, success, or advantages. There are four recognized types of jealousy.

(1) Sibling: Sibling rivalry or believing a parent or loved one prefers one particular child over another.

(2) Professional: Competition at work for a particular position, money, social status with co-workers, unofficial benefits, etc.

(3) Time: Resentment of the time spent at work, on a hobby or any other outside interests that don't include the person who's jealous.

(4) Sexual: Refers to the possibility that someone from their partners' past may have been more sexually satisfying and enjoyable than they are/were.

Plus, there are three types of sexual jealousy.

(1) Normal: Refers to an actual event. Jimmy meets Mike, his girlfriend Sarah's Ex who's a 6'0 255 lb. Former college football star or male model. Jimmy's 5'7, 185 lbs. Jimmy played the flute in his high school marching band. Upon meeting Mike, Jimmy starts to become jealous and wonder how he compares to Mike when it comes to sex with Sarah.

(2) Delusional: Believing your partner's cheating with someone specific. Because they're working on a project together which causes them to interact more at work or on the phone than normal, Jenny believes her boyfriend; Matt is having an affair with his co-worker, Megan. Even though there's absolutely nothing going on between them other than the project, Jenny has convinced herself they're spending an unnecessary amount of time together, so they must be doing something suspicious.

(3) Projected: Seeing something innocent as something else or thinking something that's not there. This type of jealousy comes around usually when one person is doing something dirty, and they believe their partner's doing the same. It can also happen as a result of an outside influence convincing them the behavior of their partner is a sign of infidelity. When talking about projected sexual jealousy, more times than not, there's usually no specific individual or concrete evidence of infidelity; residing only in the accuser's mind.

     Another form of jealousy can include resentment among friends. One person can become jealous of how 2 or more members of the same social circle may interact with or without their presence. Sarah will get jealous because Megan and Pam go out dancing on Friday nights without inviting her. Another version of this situation Would be Jenny getting jealous if she saw her friend, Darius out on a date with another woman. Although Jenny and Darius are just friends, Jenny may want more and seeing him with another woman will awaken the monster. Jenny may not even realize she has feelings for Darius until that moment.

     What are the causes of jealousy? They are having little to no self-confidence doubts about a person's ability or skills. Insecurity. Shitty self-image, fear, depression, anger, anxiety, or feelings of inferiority. Honestly, it would be impossible to cover or even understand every cause of jealousy. It's just as impossible to determine how and when the green-eyed monster will rear its ugly head and cause someone to be jealous of another person. One thing's for sure though, men and women deal with and show their jealousy in completely different ways. For example, I'd venture to say men are more jealous of other men based on looks, ability to attract/interact with the opposite sex, and materialistic acquisitions, where women are more jealous of each other's age, professional standing, and background/education.

     Dealing with jealousy can be just as complicated as understanding the causes. Re-affirmation, both physical and verbal would serve as a HUGE deterrent from jealousy. If two people are reassuring each other they have nothing to worry about, the chances of either becoming unnecessarily jealous would decrease by a huge margin. It's when one or both partners aren't communicating their feelings for fear of being dismissed or appearing needy. Communication is another way to deal with or eliminate jealousy. It's also VERY IMPORTANT to communicate with your partner in an appropriate time frame; don't hold onto something that may have bothered you for days or even weeks before bringing it up, but that doesn't mean it needs to be addressed in public right after an incident either.

     Don't act on your feelings; you may end up doing or saying something you'll have to apologize for later or cause damage to your relationship. Calm down and address the situation in a way to not make the other person defensive. When facing jealousy in a relationship, trust yourself AND your partner; don't allow outside influences to affect how you interact with your partner. If you were cheated on in your previous relationship, take the time to heal; don't just jump from one to another with a massive hole in your heart or covered head to toe in armor, expecting the next person to make up for every other person in your past. If you're the jealous type, learn from your previous issues of jealousy, whether justified or not. Don't repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

     Dealing with jealousy of a friend is no different. Ask yourself what about them that makes you jealous. Remind yourself that everyone's different and some people excel in certain areas you may lack in but also remember that goes both ways; John may be jealous of Jimmy because of his natural ability to attract and interact with women, but Jimmy may also be jealous of John because of his professional status. Michele may be jealous of Sarah's weight/looks/figure, but Sarah may, in turn, be jealous of Michele's relationship with her husband or boyfriend. In any case, no matter what drives your jealousy, keep in mind there's more to you than insecurity. Focus on building your self-confidence and self-esteem, don't let your emotions get the better of you. Open the lines of communication, and above all, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE!!


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


January 5, 2018


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     SCENARIO 1: After a long week at work, and still pissed off at your EX when you found out he'd fucked around on you during your entire relationship. Your friends convince you to slide on the shortest, sexiest thing you own and hit the club for girl's night out. After putting down your 3rd or 4th drink, he walks up and grabs your hand. You follow him out to the floor and IMMEDIATELY get to grinding your ass on him, grabbing his hands and letting him up your dress and all over your body. You've spent the last two years being the good girl for your EX; now it's time to let the slut loose for a night. During that time, you give him the short, brief version of how fucked up your week has been, on top of catching your EX with some other female, who KNEW he was already in a relationship.

     After a couple more, drinks and another 2 hours or so, you're standing outside his car, making out and he's fumbling to get his zipper down. You reach inside and wrap your hand around his shaft, and you're pleasantly surprised. He's a pretty decent size, and you can't wait to ride that shit, especially since he's been telling you all night how good he is and how good he's going to give it to you. You may be ready to fuck, but you'll still be damned if you're going to do it next to a fucking trash dumpster, so you suggest going someplace private, which he jumps at the chance at the pussy, so you head to his place. Once inside, you drop to your knees and take him in your mouth. He wastes no time flipping you around, pushing you against the wall, dropping his pants, and pulling your panties to the side...

     SCENARIO 2: You're sitting at the bar, sipping your long island iced tea, or laughing with your girlfriend’s, enjoying girl's night out when he walks up. He's nicely dressed and seems to carry himself pretty well, judging by his approach as he introduces himself and takes your hand, leading you out on the dance floor. After a song or two, you return to your seat and invite him to sit down and chat a bit. He's pretty impressive as well as interested in getting to know you as well. The chemistry is obvious an after a few more drink and dancing before either of you realize, it's the last call. You exchange numbers and make plans to see each other again, which also goes without a hitch. The physical interaction gets more and more intense each time you see each other, but he respects your boundaries and always makes sure he hasn't crossed any lines or made you feel uncomfortable.

     Fast forward to a month to 6 weeks later when the two of you have decided to take the relationship to a sexual level. He comes over, you enjoy a nice home-cooked meal, then settle down on the couch for a movie.

     Soon after, begins the kissing and touching, leading to a massive amount of foreplay in the form of mutual manual and oral stimulation. This time, you're ready; you take his hand and lead him upstairs to the bedroom...

     In both scenarios, you're soaking wet and take that first deep breath in anticipation of having him inside you. You exhale as he slides inside and grabs your hips, pulling you back towards him or he climbs on top of you, spreads your legs and pushes himself inside. The then the unthinkable happens...

     After 3-4 strokes, "OH SHIT, I'M CUMMING!"

     "Wait, WHAT???"

     He pulls out, breathes a sigh of relief and heads to the bathroom to flush the condom and wash up, leaving you to wonder what the fuck that was and what just happened. After a few minutes, he comes out and asks if you want something to drink or if you want to watch a movie or something. You're still standing/lying there, looking at him like he's the biggest piece of shit you've ever seen in your life. You're trying extremely hard not to be shitty about what just happened or didn't happen, but you can't seem to let it go.

     "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" You get dressed, straighten your clothes and walk out the fucking door without saying a word. Two days later he sends you a text, saying he can't stop thinking about you and wants to know when he can see you again. Fuck him and his 2-minute dick, so you don't respond, and after a few days, he gives up and stops reaching out to you. Two weeks later you and your friends are the same spot again, and you see him there. By then, they already know what happened, and when he walks up to ask why you never responded to his texts, you try being polite, but he doesn't seem to take the hint. Finally, you tell him the truth, and after calling you a stuck-up snotty bitch, he slinks off, in search of his next disappointed conquest.

One of the most common things men do is build or raise an expectation he can't deliver on. He builds himself up to be a far better fuck than he actually is, setting a standard he can't reach in hopes of convincing the object of his conquest to want to fuck him. Another is he'll approach the situation drunk or, "Buzzed." They'll go even further to brag about their size and how the average woman can't, "Handle" what he's packing. Unfortunately, all these tactics set the guy up to be a HUGE disappointment to the woman. The sad truth is most of these men ALREADY know they're 2-minute men, and they'll use the old excuses,

"Oh baby, you're so good, wet and tight, that's never happened before!"

This is a lie and a shitty lie at that. Even if your pussy is fucking feather-light and feels like million-dollar memory foam, this isn't the first time that's happened, and if he enjoyed it THAT much, he'd had taken a break and came to get more. Some men blame stress from work or their personal life. I personally can't speak for anyone else, but nothing relieves MY stress better than having my lady ride me until she's dripping sweat and fucked all my stress out.

"My bad baby, I'm drunk or high, I don't usually cum that quick!"

More bullshit. If you'd rather drink or stay high than satisfying a woman or YOUR woman, you're a selfish asswagon, and you deserve to have your minuteman skills broadcasted to every woman who'll listen!

"It's YOUR fault! You made me wait too long, and I got too excited!"

     No comment... You ASSHOLE!!

     What DOES make a man a 2-pump loser? Is it physical? Psychological? Primal? We first have to realize and understand that during normal sexual intercourse the average guy will bust his first nut after about 3-5 minutes, what he does after that first one separates the minute man from 30-plus minute man. The truth is that some men are only really interested in their satisfaction and are okay with just getting HIS, whether it takes 5 minutes or 30 seconds. Most men want that first one, and that's good enough for him, and that makes him a selfish fucking assclown, especially if he has little to no concern to whether she gets hers or not.

But if you're the type who's actually interested in lasting longer than 2 minutes, try:

Breathing Normally

Slowing Down

Sticking to Basic Positions

Increasing Foreplay Before Sex; also, Between and AFTER Cumming

Jacking Off During Foreplay or Right Before Intercourse (Only if you're able to get hard or stay hard afterward)

Distracting Thoughts

Only Putting the Tip In

Taking Breaks In Between

Laying Off the Alcohol

Using A Condom

Increasing How Many Times You Have Sex

Stress the Need for Verbal Assurance That It Felt Good (Even though it didn't last long)

Go Until You're About to Cum, Stop Relax, Then Start Again.


     Does it make the woman a bad person when she walks out and refuses to communicate or see him again? Some will say YES, some will SAY no. The truth is that it's up to that woman. Would a man do the same thing if the roles were reversed if he came across a woman who gave him a horrible blowjob or even worse, the pussy was too tight to penetrate or felt like fucking a glass of water? The lesson here is that if you're just trying to fuck, bragging about how big your dick is or being able to, "Beat the pussy up" doesn't impress a woman at all; not in the least bit. She may STILL fuck you, but the whole time you're telling her how she's going to be limping after you get finished with the pussy, she wishes you'd shut the fuck up and just do it. If you actually like and care about him, don't be so quick to dismiss him; maybe he WAS nervous; perhaps he was a little too excited, and he came too quick. That's when verbal assurance and patience would come in. But it if happened again, not many people would blame you when you tucked tail and ran for the door.


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths

Q & A Vol. 3

December 30, 2018


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Q: Why did he go right to the shower when he got home from the club?

A: He knows you don't wear lipstick

Q: Does my breath smell?

A: Yes

Q: Does he want to fuck any of my friends?

A: Of course, not... You dumb Fuckrag

Q: Is that video game more important than me?

A: Apparently.

Q: What's porn got that I don't?

A: Women who are prettier and weigh far less than you.

Q: What's that other WOMAN have that I don't?

A: 50 fewer pounds, the ability to see her feet, find clothes in her size virtually ANYWHERE

Q: What's that other MAN have that I don't?

A: Actual dick & the ability to piss PAST his balls.

Q: Is he telling me I could stand to lose some weight?

A: Not at all... He's saying tell your twin sister to stop following you so close everywhere you go!

Q: If she says, "Not right now," how long should I wait before asking her to dance again?

A: 3 months from that very second.

Q: Why does he always blast the music when we're in the car together?

A: You talk too fucking much, and your breath smells like ass

Q: Why does he look depressed when we're out together shopping or at the club?

A: Because you're still alive and breathing.

Q: Is she ashamed of me?


Q: Does any of HIS friends want to fuck me?

A: Depends... does he know you're walking up to the front door?

Q: Why won't he ever dance with me?

A: Probably because there are another 50-60 extra pounds of you to dance with and his arms will get sore sooner


Q: Why won't he kiss me in public?

A: Because every woman who knows him will think he's a nasty fuck for making out with his cousin or an asshole for kissing his best friend's woman.

Q: Why was that black girl trying to fight my man?

A: He ripped the sales tag off the back of her shirt, so now she can't return it.

Q: Why is that look on HER face when we go out?

A: It's 11 pm... Why does this ASSBANGLE have on sunglasses?

Q: Why's she so against anal sex?

A: She doesn't want to go where another man's gone before

Q: Does my pussy get too wet for him when I orgasm?

A: Depends... Are we heading out or coming home?

Q: When's the best time to tell him I don't suck dick?

A: 1941

Q: How do I know if he's lying about what he did last night while he was out with his friends?

A: Because you asked him about last night when he went out with his friends.    


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


December 14, 2018


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     For some, the gym is just a place to kill time; because it's cool to go or be seen, for others, a place to run, bike, lift a little weight, etc. For an even smaller percentage, it's a haven, a sanctuary, a chamber of transformation from a newbie (caterpillar), to regular (butterfly), to Dreadnaught. Where goals are set, met, and crushed. The gym is an altar of personal pride, growth, and self-confidence.

     Just like high school, the gym has cliques, ranging from the, "1-2 days/weeks", to the cardio kings and queens, to the zealots. No matter your inspiration, motivation, goals, or reasons for walking through those sacred doors, a certain etiquette should be observed.

     THE GYM GOLDEN RULE... No matter what someone looks like, how they're built, how much/little weight they lift, what they wear, how thin or how big they are, you NEVER make fun or berate ANYONE in the gym!!!

- Benches are for working out, NOT FOR KEEPING YOUR SHIT OFF THE FUCKING FLOOR!! Be it your phone, water bottle, etc. Don't take up a bench someone else could be using!

- The SQUAT RACKS ARE FOR SQUATS!! There are plenty of other places to do curls, bench press, etc.

- Wipe off the fucking equipment when you're done; people have no idea how much shit can get passed through your nasty ass sweat because you're too fucking lazy and inconsiderate to wipe the bench/machine when you're done.

(For the example of what can be passed through your sweat: HPV, MRSA, Influenza, and a variety of Staph infections)

- "HOW MANY SETS DO YOU HAVE LEFT?" This is a pointless question; whether I have 1 or 100 sets left, I'm done when I'm fucking done!

- There’re no such things like a "Favorite" machine or bench; just sit down and lift, ASSJACKAL.

- Some gyms are set up to where a piece of equipment is behind or close to another; sometimes women perform exercises that may make them uncomfortable to have a male behind them while they exercise. Be respectful and make sure they're okay with you being close to, or behind them, they'll appreciate it.

- Stop bunching up... there’s nothing worse than 5-6 guys working out in a ten by ten area when there's three times the amount of space being unused

- The gym IS NOT a single or pick-up spot. Granted, some actually go to the gym, hoping to meet people, but not nearly as many as one would think.

- THE GYM IS NOT A FUCKING LIBRARY!!! People will grunt, weights dropped, dumbbells will clang together, or bounce placed back on the racks. There will be guys bigger and stronger than you, lifting WAY more weight than you. There's going to be women walking through the door with great figures, in workout clothes that leave very little to the imagination. Don't be a lightly-powdered bitch with sand in your crotch because you feel, "intimidated" by someone making noise or showing off their hard work and progress about their attire IT'S THE FUCKING GYM!

- Don't be creepy! Of course, there's going to be physically attractive people in the gym, with figures and outfits that look really fucking good; that being said, especially guys, stop following women around, trying to find reasons to work out behind them to watch them squat, etc.

- Headphones are gym language for LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!

- WARNING... OBJECTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR ARE NOT STRONGER THAN THEY REALLY ARE! Back the hell up. Just because YOU can't lift it, doesn't mean nobody else can. It's rude as hell to put someone in a position to have to pick up and carry 85 lbs. Weights to the opposite end of the rack because you want to watch yourself curl 30 lbs. Weights right in front of the heavier weights.

- Working right off the rack makes you an asshole!

- If you absolutely MUST have a conversation with someone, get up from the machine you're on, or don't block or lean on the fucking machine, I'm using.

- If you're texting, GET OFF THE BENCH/MACHINE!

- This is something that only happens in the men's locker room; Guys will shower, and instead of wrapping themselves will walk around the locker room naked, with their towels OVER THEIR SHOULDER.

- Women don't go to the gym, looking for love, no matter what you may think.

- Women will talk to each other with another person in between them; this annoys the fuck out of people; or they'll sit on the machine, talking for 5-15 minutes, hogging the machine and doing nothing with it.

- If the bench has a towel on it, IT'S TAKEN, ASSHAT!

- Stop being focusing on your weight loss! Stay off the scale; there's absolutely NO REASON to weigh yourself EVERY DAMN DAY. What you eat and drink that day will affect your weight. The weather and time of day affect your weight. For women, her menstrual cycle affects weight.

- STOP WEARING TRASH BAGS UNDER YOUR CLOTHES!! Mostly women are the ones who wear trash bags and sauna suits, thinking they help sweat off more calories and fat; for one, you look ridiculous, wearing a trash bag. Second, the number of calories burned wearing a sauna suit just isn't enough to justify buying one, and as far was the WATER WEIGHT you shed during the exercise, as soon as your workout's over, you're gonna grab a bottle of water and put it all back on again...

- If you were BORN a man, use the MEN'S LOCKER ROOM! Of course, that doesn't apply to post-M2F surgery.

- To couples who come to the gym together... Not everyone wants to fuck your partner. There's very little need or reason to piss a ring around your lady or stop by to kiss her every 5 minutes, for the purpose of marking your territory, especially if she's near men who are lifting far past HIS ability.

- If you're using your gym's personal trainer program, understand that if you still NEED your trainer after 5-6 months to continue your workout for any purpose other than motivation, you have a shitty trainer. By the 6- month mark, any GOOD trainer would've provided enough information and results to make his/her client confident enough to branch out and continue without them. Otherwise, it just comes down to them stringing you along for the money.

- Women are more likely to accept workout tips than men, even from men; men take it personally or become defensive when another man tries to keep him from injuring himself due to poor form/technique.



- Everyone's different; some will gain size/strength/definition quicker and easier than others. It's fucking rude and insulting to not only assume, but to ask someone if they're on steroids or any other PED's. It's not even funny to joke about it.


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


December 8, 2018


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     The simple answer is because they choose to; that's what they're attracted to based on preference, attraction (Both physical and emotional), even sometimes professional. The reason someone prefers to seek and cultivate a relationship is no one's business but theirs and should require very little explanation or justification past that and only has to make sense to that couple. However, if that reason doesn't satisfy your curiosity, there are also outside truths and factors that are considered.

     What would cause a black man to stroll past 30-40 eligible black women to approach 1 of 5 of the only white women in the same room? Let's cover a few of those reasons from a black man's perspective.

First of all, and most importantly, people of ALL races and ethnicities are attracted to who they're attracted to, and that should be enough of a reason to pursue someone of the same or different race, color, ethnicity, gender, etc.

- Physical attraction. A BASEMENT or FOUNDATION, the first rung on the ladder to choosing to begin and continue the possibility of going any further or running for the hills. Physical attraction gets your foot in the door.

- Chemistry. Is that "Spark" two people feel when meeting for the first time or the unplanned crossing of paths in a crowded room. Chemistry is almost instant; it can't be learned, forced, convinced, or persuaded, and it doesn't develop over time. It's there, or it isn't. Chemistry decides whether or not to graduate to mutual interest.

- Mental or Emotional attraction. Comes after the initial conversation or short-term exchange of information about one another; background, likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies, etc. At this point, the decision is made to exchange contact information or simply thank each other and walk away.

Some black women will argue how hard it is for a decent black woman to meet an equally reputable black man when there so many white women out there, with their tits hanging halfway out, or walking around the office in skin-tight/short skirts and dresses. They complain about white women being more sexually submissive and use words like WEAK, DOCILE, and DOORMAT to rationalize why good, decent black men won't approach them. Whatever the excuse or defense anyone comes up with, attraction and freedom of choice is STILL the plain and simple truth; however, if black women are still unwilling to accept this, perhaps it'll help to view it from other aspects.

- White women ARE NOT, "Taking away all the good black men" In most cases, if asked, it's almost always the black man who approached the white woman.

- White women are NOT, "Doormats" which that is covered in more detail in another article titled, "Dynamic Duo." There are strong-willed, independent, mentally tough women of ALL RACES; black women don't have the market on personal strength and courage cornered. Black women are no more mentally or emotionally stronger than anyone else and not superior.

- Black men are no one's property too, "Take."

- White women are not only more giving and accepting of PDA, but they CRAVE it.

- Not all white women are, "Freaks." To what some people refer to another's behavior as NASTY or FREAKY, is nothing more than normal behavior for those two people. Contrary to what black women tell themselves or each other, black men don't choose white women solely on the expectation they suck dick, swallow, or take it in the ass, etc.

- Black men don't choose white women over black because he's WEAK or unable to, "Handle" a strong black woman! Nor does he choose white women because they have or make more money.

Now, let's examine a few more truths about black women that may give more insight as to why black men choose to pass you up.

     A black woman will claim a white woman as a friend, her very BEST friend. When approached by an eligible black man, if he shows that white woman more attention, the tables turn, and then it's, "That white bitch ain't shit."

     Although all women do this, black women openly preach and claim independence FAR more than others; they stress having their own money, car, pay their bills, and how they don't need a man for a fucking thing... UNTIL the dinner check comes, or they're standing at the ticket window at the movie theater. They wear their independence like armor, as long as it's convenient and beneficial for them. Black women say, "My money is MY money, YOUR money is OUR money."

     Say what you will about police, politicians, etc. When it comes to a white woman and a black man, black women can be just as racist as a modern-day clansman.

     Black women will express their disgust and disapproval of an interracial relationship, intentionally, out loud enough to be heard by others, especially that particular couple. They'll even comment and complain to THEIR man, as if he cares, or also WANTS to listen to her mouth about it.

     It is true, that white woman may look goofy as hell out on the middle of the dance floor with less coordination than a 3-year-old, trying to run an obstacle course. But at least she's enjoying herself and having a good time, instead of sitting on her ass, with a look on her face like she just took a bite from a shitty diaper.

     From my personal experience, black women are quick to want to say I TOLD YOU SO! They thrive on being right and want it acknowledged at every turn.

     More white women are turned on by having their hair pulled during foreplay and sex. A black woman doesn't want her new expensive weave pulled out her head when she's taking the dick, and if her hair DOES get messed up, guess who she's going to expect to pay for getting it fixed?

     Not limited to just black women, but from experience, black women are far too concerned about how they're viewed in front of others, much to the sacrifice of meeting their partner's physical needs. They worry too much about being disrespected, and they have a HUGE issue with PDA, thinking it'll make them look like a "Hoe" The, "Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets" mentality doesn't work for some men. Some men enjoy having their woman show them attention and affection in public, along with physical intimacy and sensuality. Also, as long as the environment dictates, what's so wrong with getting a little dirty?

     White women can get sweaty during sex; they don't mind it at all; they ENJOY it. They don't care if their hair gets wet whether fucking or even making out in the shower without getting an earful about, "A sista's hair” Pool sex... Enough said. As soon as a black woman's hair gets messed up or wet, it's a wrap!

     A lot of interracial couples find the contrast in skin tone or color extremely attractive and sexy, also believing their union will produce beautiful children.

     In the eyes of black women, black men who date white women are weak-ass, "Sellouts." Black WOMEN who date white MEN are heroes who just got sick of a black man's bullshit.

     Black women believe black men use them to get where they want to be socially, financially, and professionally, only to ditch them for a white woman when they reach their goals.

     Some black women won't even blink if approached by a decent black man if he doesn't fit in a particular mold, she's set beforehand, but she'll have PLENTY to say when she sees that same man later in the night with a white woman.

     Not limited to just black women, but more so than others, black women have an issue with the word, "Submissive," believing they have to sacrifice their independence or whatever. They have minimal concept of how to be a woman in a relationship; they're too busy trying to play the role of an "Alpha Female."

Black women believe just because they share the same skin color or ancestry; black men BELONG to them.

     Black women have an "Entitlement" complex, coupled with a BLACK QUEEN mentality that leads them to believe that black men should approach and pursue them, while white women will more likely approach a black man, she's interested in.

     Black women are quick to say that black men choose white women because they suck dick and swallow; AND??? Even if that were true, why would doing what pleases your man be such a horrible thing to do? Perhaps it would benefit your relationship to suck more dick and bitch less?

     Seven words; "A SISTA WOULDN'T PUT UP WITH THAT!" Black women are always trying to give advice or convince other women to change; to not let anyone take advantage of them, disrespect them, or take away their power or independence.

     White women won't point out that a man has been talking to them for 10-15 minutes and haven't offered to BUY THEM A DRINK YET!

     Black women will HATE a white woman for the sole reason that she caught her man checking out a white woman, instead of being pissed at her man for being disrespectful.

     White women will THANK YOU if you tear the sales tag off their new top when they're out on the town with the girls, instead of wanting to cut you because they can't return it to the store the next afternoon!

     Black women believe they're superior in every aspect across the board, whether physically, financially, education, professionally, and mentally. They think the past challenges they've individually faced and conquered has made them stronger than other races and no one else could understand what it's like to be a black woman in today's society.

     Physical or sexual attraction being the case, Black men who work out frequently prefer women who do the same. From my personal experience, the percentage of black women who take a more than average interest in their physical fitness seems FAR LESS than white women. Black women take more pride in being big as hell, thinking every black man likes/wants that.

     In conclusion, instead of talking shit about white women taking away all the good, decent and eligible black men; perhaps it may be more beneficial to find out how and what that woman did to get her man. If it bothers you THAT much, try pulling one aside and asking what she did to get him to approach her and what she does to keep him; then take that information and put it to use.


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December 1, 2018


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     It's sad but true, a large percentage of women are unaware of the real truth which once learned, can't be unlearned and that truth happens to be...


     Say what you will, but it's true. Most women don't realize it, and they never will because men are FAR more biomechanical than women; they have the ability to ejaculate (cum) from the act of continuous friction against their sexual organ. Even if they're not the least bit attracted to the woman they're dancing with, the physical act of grinding his shit against a woman is enough to cause him to bust a nut.

     Granted, a DRY FUCK may not be his first choice, but circumstances may come to play against him. Of course, his primary goal is finding the sexiest, most attractive woman possible to take home and fuck, but if he's having a slow/bad night, he'll be satisfied with getting his dick sucked, hand job, and lastly, the dry fuck.

     Also, we have to accept that a man's standards will diminish over the night; As the female pool gets smaller. There are, however, factors he does consider, such as environment and location. When trying to find something to get him off for the night, men have a hierarchy as to where he wants to fuck, depending on how attractive the woman he's fucking is. The order of location is as follows...

A. HER/her friend's place

B. HER car or outside the bar, club, etc.

C. HIS friend's place. (Depending on how she looks)

D. HIS car

E. Outside HIS apartment

F. Lastly, actually inside HIS place

     Trust me when I say that unfortunately, looks (Both face AND body) also determines what type of sexual release a man will seek from a woman.

     Ethnicity also plays a part in release type. Usually, white men don't really have it in them to accept the public dry fuck, due to the fact that most of the women they're attracted to, quite frankly, have ZERO ASS! So, there's a lot less potential for the type of friction needed to bust a nut, making oral and sexual intercourse their primary goal.

     Plus, white guys are normally unable to be as discreet as necessary if it came to the point where they actually DID bust a nut; meaning, their facial expressions would most likely give it away. Nothing would embarrass them more than the heavy-breathing, toe-curling, "Bitter Beer Face" everyone in the bar would notice.

     Black men are into an ass; plain and simple... ASS! The type of ass so thick when he's fucking her from behind, he can barely see his dick going in or out. That's the type of ass that'll provide the friction needed for a dry fuck nut.

     A large percentage of Hispanic men don't concern themselves with the dry fuck or getting their dick sucked as much as white or black men. For them, it's all about the pussy; that's their focus.

     Lastly, the important question: "HOW WOULD I KNOW HE JUST BUSTED A NUT WHILE GRINDING UP ON ME?"

     The answer is pretty simple; again, I promise many of you have noticed/experienced these signs, without giving a second thought to it...

A. He goes from bumping and grinding to simply walking off in the middle of the song with no explanation or warning; he may thank you for the dance, but he wants off the floor before you notice the huge cum stain on his pants.

B. He IMMEDIATELY becomes obsessed with pulling/keeping his shirt pulled down; or if he's wearing a shirt that was previously tucked in, he'll pull it out... Again, to prevent anyone from noticing the cum-soaked puddle in his crotch area.

C. He'll go from being all up on you, hands on your hips and bouncing you against his shit, grinding his boner on you, or rotating your ass on him, to an INSTANT foot or two of space between you.

D. He heads to the bathroom right when the song ends; obviously to use the hand dryer (If there's one available) to dry his pants off, praying there's no restroom attendant.

E. He actually TELLS you he's cumming...

F. He grabs your hips (Or your ass if he's facing you) as hard as he can and starts shaking, wiggling, or whatever he does when he busts a nut.

G. He goes from letting you touch, rub, and grab all on his dick, (Sometimes even shoving your hand in his pants to let you stroke him), then pulls your hands away suddenly, so you don't feel his wet spot.

H. He stops dancing for the rest of the night, or at least until his pants dry and maybe leaves the club altogether.

I. He doesn't want to dance anymore but still wants to sit and talk when he comes back from the bathroom, in hopes of still getting some pussy at the end of the night.

J. He shoves his hand in his pocket in hopes of pinching it off.

      There you have it... Right now, some of you are thinking back, trying to remember whether or not you've ever seen or experienced any of these in person or heard about it from one of your friends. I guarantee now that you've read this, you'll have an "Ah-Hah" moment, the next time you have or see somebody do one or more of these... You may laugh, be embarrassed, or even disgusted, but at least you'll be informed... Happy dancing!!


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths

Q & A Vol. 2 

November 16, 2018


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Q: Will a woman lie and say I have a tiny dick out of spite?

A: No... If she says you have a tiny dick, you ACTUALLY just have a tiny dick!

Q: It's been six months, why am I not his lady yet?

A: Because you haven't required him to do so; by the sixth month, you're

already doing everything two people in a relationship would be doing anyway.

Q: Does he think my tits are too flat and flabby?

A: Depends... Have he ever seem a D-cup pancake?

Q: Why do guys wait until 40 minutes before the club closes to ask me to dance?

A: Because you're the last resort... you're either fat or ugly as fuck!

Q: Does he think I've gained too much weight?

A: If you have to ask, you already know.

Q: Why's he dressing better and working out all of a sudden?

A: He's either fucking somebody else, TRYING to fuck somebody else, or WANT to fuck somebody else.

Q: Why does he always want to fuck me with the lights off at night or from behind during the day?

A: He's saying in some way, shape, or form that you look like shit, but he still wants some pussy.

Q: Why doesn't he ever want me to ride on the back of his motorcycle?

A: You're too big to balance the bike, or he doesn't want to be seen with you.

Q: Why won't he kiss me after I swallow?

A: Because he's an asshole.

Q: Why does it bother him that my child's name is tattooed on my breast?

A: Most of the time, it's not your son's name, especially if your son's a Jr. or because it would be weird to be caressing/sucking your tits and having your child's name in my fucking mouth!! No man wants to open his eyes and see any kid's name covered in his slobber.

Q: Why do all my friends get hit on when we go out, but I don't?

A: Because you're not only built like you were assembled by a 5-year-old, but you're also not pretty.

Q: Why haven't I met any of HIS friends yet?

A: He's embarrassed/ashamed of you.

Q: Why haven't I met any of HER friends yet?

A: She's worried about what they'll think of you.

Q: Does this outfit make my ass look fat

A: No, your fat makes your outfit look like an ass!

Q: Why won't he pause the video game if I want a quick fuck or to suck his dick?

A: Because he doesn't want to fuck you and you suck dick like shit.

Q: How do I get her to suck my dick more often?

A: Walk up to her, pull your dick out and put it in her mouth.

Q: Why doesn't he take me out dancing as much as he used to?

A: He doesn't think he should have to pay for three people.

Q: We fucked once, why hasn't HE called?


Q: We fucked once, why hasn't SHE responded to any of my texts?

A: Again, REALLY??

Q: Where are all my yoga pants?

A: Casualties of war in the great battle of, "Yoga pants make your ass

look like a trash bag full of jagged rocks" campaign of 2018.

Q: Why are all my pot leaf t-shirts in the garbage?



Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths

Q & A Vol. 1

November 16, 2018


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Q: Why does he ALWAYS seem to walk faster than me when we're at the grocery store?

A: It's 2 pm, you're wearing pajama bottoms, a dingy wife-beater, your hair looks like it was rolled with a fucking firecracker and you smell like the girl in high school who fucked every guy she went out with.

Q: What's that look on his face whenever we go out together?

A: "Yeah, I know she looks fucked up, but she buys me weed through."

Q: Why does he act like he doesn't hear me sometimes?

A: Because sometimes you talk too fucking much!

Q: What's he get at the strip club that he doesn't get at home?

A: Women with smaller waists...

Q: Why Does he want me to shave my pussy?

A: Piss isn't a very tasty flavor and he prefers to floss AFTER he eats...

Q: Why does she always want me to shower before giving me head?

A: Your balls stink.

Q: Why won't he let me ride him?

A: Because it's daytime and he can see you, or he can only bench 215 Lbs.

Q: Why do we ALWAYS have sex at my place and not his?


Q: Why do I have to call/text most of the time?

A: They're really not interested, or they're playing games.

Q: Does he REALLY mean it when he says looks don't matter?

A: Depends... Do you swallow?

Q: How do I know if she's faking?

A: If You have to ask, she just faked.

Q: Why are all the men who hit on me already drunk?

A: Plausible deniability, or FUI (Fucked Under the Influence).

Q: Why does he keep turning me around when we dance?

A: You're ugly as fuck, and he's trying to bust a nut, so he doesn't have to put any more time into you as needed.

Q: Why'd he disappear in the middle of the song?

A: He just busted a nut in his pants.

Q: It's 2 AM... Does he REALLY just want me to come over and watch a movie?

A: Yep... ASSHAT.

Q: Does she think I have a tiny dick?

A: She KNOWS you have a tiny dick, and by lunchtime, Monday, so will everyone else at work.

Q: Why does he need meds to have sex with me, but porn gets him hard?

A: Go look in the mirror.

Q: When's a good time for me to ASK for head?

A: When university-educated winged pigs are spotted soaring through the sky!

Q: Why does she shove her tits in my mouth when we're fucking?

A: You talk too much.

Q: When's a good time to ask or bring up having a threesome?

A: Anytime you want to be single again.

Q: Why does his shirt smell like perfume?

A: No comment... ASSJACKAL. 



Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


November 8, 2018


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     Don't recognize these names? I'm not surprised in the least. You may be wondering who these men are and what's so special about them; some of you may have already taken to google to find out. Allow me to enlighten you...

The first six names are of those with ties to Arizona who gave their lives in service to their country during one of the numerous stages of the Gulf War before April 22, 2004. The last six are servicemembers who ALSO made the ultimate sacrifice, but AFTER April 22, 2004, the day PAT TILLMAN was reportedly killed in action in Afghanistan. These twelve men were sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers...


     My point? To congratulate as well as express my disappointment, and frustration.

Congrats to not only Arizona But America for showing so much support for Tillman and his memory, The Tillman foundation, numerous events honoring his memory and sacrifice, immortalizing him for all posterity. We've successfully made him a source of pride for not only the state of Arizona but America as a whole.

     Unfortunately, in doing so, we've also managed to trivialize the same sacrifice of not only the 12 men mentioned earlier but also the other 200 plus service members from Arizona. As well as the other 6,800-7,000 Americans who deserve the same respect, recognition, and attention as Tillman, but won't receive because none of them gave up a professional football career to serve their country... WE SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED & ASHAMED OF OURSELVES...


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


November 8, 2018


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     As in any battle, one must assess and gauge the capabilities and limitations of the enemy in order to devise the best and most efficient offense and defense possible to achieve victory. The battle between men and women being no exception...

- Women have more sensually sensitive areas than men. The back of the neck, between her shoulder blades, her ears, waist, and thighs are just a few.

- Women can dance with other women, but it's weird as hell to see two guys dancing together, like a fruit-filled dance battle.

- A straight woman can kiss another straight woman; enough said.

- Men can sit with their legs open; well, so can a woman... as long as she's prepared to have a lot of men dropping shit and picking it up in front of her if she's wearing a dress or skirt.

- People generally trust a woman more than a man.

- A woman can compliment another woman's body/figure; she can compliment a woman's ass or tits... Men can't do the same; "Hey Johnny, your dick looks good in those jeans" just doesn't sound right.

- Women can compliment a friend's man more than once and in more detail. While a woman can complement specific parts of his body, anything other than, "okay, he's sexy as fuck" might get your ass kicked. A man can't say some shit like, "You bro, your girl's got some big ass titties and a fat ass!" no matter how long you've been friends.

- Men can piss standing up.

- It's easier and more discreet for a man to jack off and cum than a woman to play with her pussy.

- It's easier and takes less effort for a woman to suck her man's dick than it is for him to eat her pussy.

- Women are multi-orgasmic and will always be capable of out-fucking a man, which also makes her more capable of sexually satisfying multiple men at one time where a man can barely fully satisfy one woman, much less two or three.

- Men lose weight/build muscle faster than women; however, women are generally more motivated to get into shape than a man as they get older.

- The women's clearance section in any clothing store will always be at least three times the size of a man's.

- There are almost always FULL curtains in the shower stalls in the women's locker room of the gym. For some odd, nasty-ass reason, the shower curtains in the men's locker room all look like they were split in HALF to make two curtains.

- Men can play fight/wrestle more so than women.

- An overweight, unattractive female will always get hit on or offered dick before her male counterpart.

- A woman can maintain her standard for the entire night; a man's standard will reduce by a half point for every half hour closer to closing time; he'd rather get his dick sucked by an overweight beastmonster with no teeth and snot dripping from her nose before he goes home with a dry dick.

- Most women have more clothes in her closet than a man.

- A group of men won't let one their friends hang out with them looking like shit. It brings down the stock of the entire group. A woman will at least let one of her friends go out looking like trash. Either on purpose to make themselves look better, to keep from looking like a bad friend, or not wanting to hurt their feelings.

- Women won't try to have a conversation with each other through the bathroom stall while taking a shit.

- A man will abandon/sell out his friends or bail out on guys night out for random pussy quicker than a woman will ditch her friends for random dick.

- Women stay mad/angry longer than men.

- Women can go long without sex than a man.

- Most men cum/orgasm much quicker and with less effort than a woman.

- A woman will suck her man's dick before he eats her pussy.

- When it comes to sexual history, men will always lie UPWARDS to seem like a ladies' man, where women will most likely either tell the truth or lie DOWNWARDS to avoid been seen as a slut.

- It (should) take a man less time to get ready to go out for the night than a woman.

- Men are less noticed if they wear the same clothes to the club two weekends in a row more than a woman would be.

- Women put more care into how they look; men care more about what they have.

- Women wash their hands after using a public restroom more than men.

- Women will ALWAYS get hit on more than men.

- Men are more likely to take a shit in a porta-potty.

- Workplace dress codes are ALWAYS more strict for men than women.

- Women can give each other, "pet names"... A man can't call another man, "Baby Boo-boo" or, "Sugar-nuts."

- Women can give each other, "Just because" gifts, birthday cards, and say, "I love you," after a phone conversation. A guy can't say, "I love you, here's a teddy bear I saw at the store, and it reminded me of you" to his boy.

- Women can hug each other tightly with no time limit.

- Men will generally pay more for a drink at a bar than a pretty girl.

- Women take rejection from a stranger better than a man.

- Men bounce back from a breakup quicker than a woman. A man will use another woman to fuck in order to forget about his ex.

- More men dress up like women for Halloween than women will dress up like a man... Halloween; the one day a year where a man can come out the closet, without being judged.

- Women can give each other massages, men can't do the same; "Yo Brian, you look tense turn around and let me rub your shoulders"? Wait, what???

- Women can refer to her guy as, "Young man" or, "Dirty old man." You'd better not call your woman a, "Dirty old lady" It doesn't have the same effect.

- Women are better at reading body language.

- Women have a more accurate, "Gaydar."

- A 50-year-old woman knows that when she gets hit on by a 26-year-old, he most likely just wants the pussy. A 50-year-old man will actually try to have a relationship with a 26-year-old woman.

- When eating out, women are more likely to send food back to the kitchen than men.

- Women will lie more about her age or weight and body type while men will lie more about his income and education.

- Male strippers earn more in tips than female strippers. Men are cheap and tip smaller bills, where women are normally tipping with their husband's money and will generally tip larger bills. Plus, male strippers allow more physical contact than females will.

- Women are more likely to report sexual harassment.

- Women fake orgasms WAY more frequently than men.

- Men avoid commitment longer/more than a woman.

- Women generally fall in love before a man.

- Women are more likely to say, "I don't know."

- Women are more likely to clip coupons and bargain shop.

- Men watch more porn.

- Men are more likely to believe a stripper actually likes him.

- Men are more likely to attempt to operate/assemble something without reading the instructions.



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