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December 8, 2018


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     The simple answer is because they choose to; that's what they're attracted to based on preference, attraction (Both physical and emotional), even sometimes professional. The reason someone prefers to seek and cultivate a relationship is no one's business but theirs and should require very little explanation or justification past that and only has to make sense to that couple. However, if that reason doesn't satisfy your curiosity, there are also outside truths and factors that are considered.

     What would cause a black man to stroll past 30-40 eligible black women to approach 1 of 5 of the only white women in the same room? Let's cover a few of those reasons from a black man's perspective.

First of all, and most importantly, people of ALL races and ethnicities are attracted to who they're attracted to, and that should be enough of a reason to pursue someone of the same or different race, color, ethnicity, gender, etc.

- Physical attraction. A BASEMENT or FOUNDATION, the first rung on the ladder to choosing to begin and continue the possibility of going any further or running for the hills. Physical attraction gets your foot in the door.

- Chemistry. Chemistry is that "Spark" 2 people feel when meeting for the first time or the unplanned crossing of paths in a crowded room. Chemistry is almost instant; it can't be learned, forced, convinced, or persuaded, and it doesn't develop over time. It's there, or it isn't. Chemistry decides whether or not to graduate to mutual interest.

- Mental or Emotional attraction. Comes after the initial conversation or short-term exchange of information about one another; background, likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies, etc. At this point, the decision is made to exchange contact information or simply thank each other and walk away.

Some black women will argue how hard it is for a decent black woman to meet an equally reputable black man when there so many white women out there, with their tits hanging halfway out, or walking around the office in skin-tight/short skirts and dresses. They complain about white women being more sexually submissive and use words like WEAK, DOCILE, and DOORMAT to rationalize why good, decent black men won't approach them. Whatever the excuse or defense anyone comes up with, attraction and freedom of choice is STILL the plain and simple truth; however, if black women are still unwilling to accept this, perhaps it'll help to view it from other aspects.

- White women ARE NOT, "Taking away all the good black men" In most cases, if asked, it's almost always the black man who approached the white woman.

- White women are NOT, "Doormats" which that is covered in more detail in another article titled, "Dynamic Duo." There are strong-willed, independent, mentally tough women of ALL RACES; black women don't have the market on personal strength and courage cornered. Black women are no more mentally or emotionally stronger than anyone else and not superior.

- Black men are no one's property too, "Take."

- White women are not only more giving and accepting of PDA, but they CRAVE it.

- Not all white women are, "Freaks." To what some people refer to another's behavior as NASTY or FREAKY, is nothing more than normal behavior for those two people. Contrary to what black women tell themselves or each other, black men don't choose white women solely on the expectation they suck dick, swallow, or take it in the ass, etc.

- Black men don't choose white women over black because he's WEAK or unable to, "Handle" a strong black woman! Nor does he choose white women because they have or make more money.

Now, let's examine a few more truths about black women that may give more insight as to why black men choose to pass you up.

     A black woman will claim a white woman as a friend, her very BEST friend. When approached by an eligible black man, if he shows that white woman more attention, the tables turn, and then it's, "That white bitch ain't shit."

     Although all women do this, black women openly preach and claim independence FAR more than others; they stress having their own money, car, pay their bills, and how they don't need a man for a fucking thing... UNTIL the dinner check comes, or they're standing at the ticket window at the movie theater. They wear their independence like armor, as long as it's convenient and beneficial for them.

Black women say, "My money is MY money, YOUR money is OUR money."

     Say what you will about police, politicians, etc. When it comes to a white woman and a black man, black women can be just as racist as a modern-day clansman.

     Black women will express their disgust and disapproval of an interracial relationship, intentionally, out loud enough to be heard by others, especially that particular couple. They'll even comment and complain to THEIR man, as if he cares, or also WANTS to listen to her mouth about it.

     True, that white woman may look goofy as hell out on the middle of the dance floor with less coordination than a 3-year-old, trying to run an obstacle course, but at least she's enjoying herself and having a good time, instead of sitting on her ass, with a look on her face like she just took a bite from a shitty diaper.

     From my personal experience, black women are quick to want to say I TOLD YOU SO! They thrive on being right and want it acknowledged at every turn.

     More white women are turned on by having their hair pulled during foreplay and sex. A black woman doesn't want her new expensive weave pulled out her head when she's taking the dick, and if her hair DOES get messed up, guess who she's going to expect to pay for getting it fixed?

     Not limited to just black women, but from experience, black women are far too concerned about how they're viewed in front of others, much to the sacrifice of meeting their partner's physical needs. They worry too much about being disrespected, and they have a HUGE issue with PDA, thinking it'll make them look like a "Hoe" The, "Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets" mentality doesn't work for some men. Some men enjoy having their woman show them attention and affection in public, along with physical intimacy and sensuality. Also, as long as the environment dictates, what's so wrong with getting a little dirty?

     White women can get sweaty during sex; they don't mind it at all; they ENJOY it. They don't care if their hair gets wet whether fucking or even making out in the shower without getting an earful about, "A sista's hair” Pool sex... Enough said. As soon as a black woman's hair gets messed up or wet, it's a wrap!

     A lot of interracial couples find the contrast in skin tone or color extremely attractive and sexy, also believing their union will produce beautiful children.

     In the eyes of black women, black men who date white women are weak-ass, "Sellouts." Black WOMEN who date white MEN are heroes who just got sick of a black man's bullshit.

     Black women believe black men use them to get where they want to be socially, financially, and professionally, only to ditch them for a white woman when they reach their goals.

     Some black women won't even blink if approached by a decent black man if he doesn't fit in a particular mold, she's set beforehand, but she'll have PLENTY to say when she sees that same man later in the night with a white woman.

     Not limited to just black women, but more so than others, black women have an issue with the word, "Submissive," believing they have to sacrifice their independence or whatever. They have minimal concept of how to be a woman in a relationship; they're too busy trying to play the role of an "Alpha Female."

Black women believe just because they share the same skin color or ancestry; black men BELONG to them.

     Black women have an "Entitlement" complex, coupled with a BLACK QUEEN mentality that leads them to believe that black men should approach and pursue them, while white women will more likely approach a black man, she's interested in.

     Black women are quick to say that black men choose white women because they suck dick and swallow; AND??? Even if that were true, why would doing what pleases your man be such a horrible thing to do? Perhaps it would benefit your relationship to suck more dick and bitch less?

     Seven words; "A SISTA WOULDN'T PUT UP WITH THAT!" Black women are always trying to give advice or convince other women to change; to not let anyone take advantage of them, disrespect them, or take away their power or independence.

     White women won't point out that a man has been talking to them for 10-15 minutes and haven't offered to BUY THEM A DRINK YET!

     Black women will HATE a white woman for the sole reason that she caught her man checking out a white woman, instead of being pissed at her man for being disrespectful.

     White women will THANK YOU if you tear the sales tag off their new top when they're out on the town with the girls, instead of wanting to cut you because they can't return it to the store the next afternoon!

     Black women believe they're superior in every aspect across the board, whether physically, financially, education, professionally, and mentally. They think the past challenges they've individually faced and conquered has made them stronger than other races and no one else could understand what it's like to be a black woman in today's society.

     Physical or sexual attraction being the case, Black men who work out frequently prefer women who do the same. From my personal experience, the percentage of black women who take a more than average interest in their physical fitness seems FAR LESS than white women. Black women take more pride in being big as hell, thinking every black man likes/wants that.

     In conclusion, instead of talking shit about white women taking away all the good, decent and eligible black men; perhaps it may be more beneficial to find out how and what that woman did to get her man. If it bothers you THAT much, try pulling one aside and asking what she did to get him to approach her and what she does to keep him; then take that information and put it to use.


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


December 1, 2018


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     It's sad but true, a large percentage of women are unaware of the real truth which once learned, can't be unlearned and that truth happens to be...


     Say what you will, but it's true. Most women don't realize it, & they never will because men are FAR more biomechanical than women; they have the ability to ejaculate (cum) from the act of continuous friction against their sexual organ. Even if they're not the least bit attracted to the woman they're dancing with, the physical act of grinding his shit against a woman is enough to cause him to bust a nut.

     Granted, a DRY FUCK may not be his first choice, but circumstances may come to play against him. Of course, his primary goal is finding the sexiest, most attractive woman possible to take home and fuck, but if he's having a slow/bad night, he'll be satisfied with getting his dick sucked, hand job, and lastly, the dry fuck.

     Also, we have to accept that a man's standards will diminish over the night; As the female pool gets smaller. There are, however, factors he does consider, such as environment and location.

When trying to find something to get him off for the night, men have a hierarchy as to where he wants to fuck, depending on how attractive the woman he's fucking is. The order of location is as follows...

A. HER/her friend's place

B. HER car or outside the bar, club, etc.

C. HIS friend's place. (Depending on how she looks)

D. HIS car

E. Outside HIS apartment

F. Lastly, actually inside HIS place

     Trust me when I say that unfortunately, looks (Both face AND body) also determines what type of sexual release a man will seek from a woman.

     Ethnicity also plays a part in release type. Usually, white men don't really have it in them to accept the public dry fuck, due to the fact that most of the women they're attracted to, quite frankly, have ZERO ASS! So, there's a lot less potential for the type of friction needed to bust a nut, making oral and sexual intercourse their primary goal.

     Plus, white guys are normally unable to be as discreet as necessary if it came to the point where they actually DID bust a nut; meaning, their facial expressions would most likely give it away. Nothing would embarrass them more than the heavy-breathing, toe-curling, "Bitter Beer Face" everyone in the bar would notice.

     Black men are into an ass; plain and simple... ASS! The type of ass so thick when he's fucking her from behind, he can barely see his dick going in or out. That's the type of ass that'll provide the friction needed for a dry fuck nut.

     A large percentage of Hispanic men don't concern themselves with the dry fuck or getting their dick sucked as much as white or black men. For them, it's all about the pussy; that's their focus.

Lastly, the important question:


The answer is pretty simple; again, I promise many of you have noticed/experienced these signs, without giving a second thought to it...

A. He goes from bumping and grinding to simply walking off in the middle of the song with no explanation or warning; he may thank you for the dance, but he wants off the floor before you notice the huge cum stain on his pants.

B. He IMMEDIATELY becomes obsessed with pulling/keeping his shirt pulled down; or if he's wearing a shirt that was previously tucked in, he'll pull it out... Again, to prevent anyone from noticing the cum-soaked puddle in his crotch area.

C. He'll go from being all up on you, hands on your hips and bouncing you against his shit, grinding his boner on you, or rotating your ass on him, to an INSTANT foot or 2 of space between you.

D. He heads to the bathroom right when the song ends; obviously to use the hand dryer (If there's one available) to dry his pants off, praying there's no restroom attendant.

E. He actually TELLS you he's cumming...

F. He grabs your hips (Or your ass if he's facing you) as hard as he can and starts shaking, wiggling, or whatever he does when he busts a nut.

G. He goes from letting you touch, rub, and grab all on his dick, (Sometimes even shoving your hand in his pants to let you stroke him), then pulls your hands away suddenly, so you don't feel his wet spot.

H. He stops dancing for the rest of the night, or at least until his pants dry and maybe leaves the club altogether.

I. He doesn't want to dance anymore but still wants to sit & talk when he comes back from the bathroom, in hopes of still getting some pussy at the end of the night.

J. He shoves his hand in his pocket in hopes of pinching it off.

      There you have it... Right now, some of you are thinking back, trying to remember whether or not you've ever seen or experienced any of these in person or heard about it from one of your friends. I guarantee now that you've read this, you'll have an "Ah-Hah" moment, the next time you have or see somebody do one or more of these... You may laugh, be embarrassed, or even disgusted, but at least you'll be informed... Happy dancing!!


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths

Q & A... VOL. 2 

November 16, 2018


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Q: Will a woman lie and say I have a tiny dick out of spite?

A: No... If she says you have a tiny dick, you ACTUALLY just have a tiny dick!

Q: It's been 6 months, why am I not his lady yet?

A: Because you haven't required him to do so; by the 6th month, you're

already doing everything 2 people in a relationship would be doing anyway.

Q: Does he think my tits are too flat and flabby?

A: Depends... Have he ever seem a D-cup pancake?

Q: Why do guys wait until 40 minutes before the club closes to ask me to dance?

A: Because you're the last resort... you're either fat or ugly as fuck!

Q: Does he think I've gained too much weight?

A: If you have to ask, you already know.

Q: Why's he dressing better & working out all of a sudden?

A: He's either fucking somebody else, TRYING to fuck somebody else, or WANT to fuck somebody else.

Q: Why does he always want to fuck me with the lights off at night or from behind during the day?

A: He's saying in some way, shape, or form that you look like shit, but he still wants some pussy.

Q: Why doesn't he ever want me to ride on the back of his motorcycle?

A: You're either too big to balance the bike, or he doesn't want to be seen with you.

Q: Why won't he kiss me after I swallow?

A: Because he's an asshole.

Q: Why does it bother him that my child's name is tattooed on my breast?

A: Most of the time, it's not your son's name, especially if your son's a Jr. or because it would be weird to be caressing/sucking your tits and having your child's name in my fucking mouth!! No man wants to open his eyes and see any kid's name covered in his slobber.

Q: Why do all my friends get hit on when we go out, but I don't?

A: Because you're not only built like you were assembled by a 5-year-old, but you're also not pretty.

Q: Why haven't I met any of HIS friends yet?

A: He's embarrassed/ashamed of you.

Q: Why haven't I met any of HER friends yet?

A: She's worried about what they'll think of you.

Q: Does this outfit make my ass look fat

A: No, your fat makes your outfit look like an ass!

Q: Why won't he pause the video game if I want a quick fuck or to suck his dick?

A: Because he doesn't want to fuck you and you suck dick like shit.

Q: How do I get her to suck my dick more often?

A: Walk up to her, pull your dick out and put it in her mouth.

Q: Why doesn't he take me out dancing as much as he used to?

A: He doesn't think he should have to pay for 3 people.

Q: We fucked once, why hasn't HE called?


Q: We fucked once, why hasn't SHE responded to any of my texts?

A: Again, REALLY??

Q: Where are all my yoga pants?

A: Casualties of war in the great battle of, "Yoga pants make your ass

look like a trash bag full of jagged rocks" campaign of 2018.

Q: Why are all my pot leaf t-shirts in the garbage?



Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths

Q & A Vol. 1

November 16, 2018


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Q: Why does he ALWAYS seem to walk faster than me when we're at the grocery store?

A: It's 2 pm, you're wearing pajama bottoms, a dingy wife-beater, your hair looks like it was rolled with a fucking firecracker and you smell like the girl in high school who fucked every guy she went out with.

Q: What's that look on his face whenever we go out together?

A: "Yeah, I know she looks fucked up, but she buys me weed through".

Q: Why does he act like he doesn't hear me sometimes?

A: Because sometimes you talk too fucking much!

Q: What's he get at the strip club that he doesn't get at home?

A: Women with smaller waists...

Q: Why Does he want me to shave my pussy?

A: Piss isn't a very tasty flavor & he prefers to floss AFTER he eats...

Q: Why does she always want me to shower before giving me head?

A: Your balls stink.

Q: Why won't he let me ride him?

A: Because it's daytime and he can see you, or he can only bench 215 Lbs.

Q: Why do we ALWAYS have sex at my place & not his?


Q: Why do I have to call/text most of the time?

A: They're really not interested, or they're playing games.

Q: Does he REALLY mean it when he says looks don't matter?

A: Depends... Do you swallow?

Q: How do I know if she's faking?

A: If You have to ask, she just faked.

Q: Why are all the men who hit on me already drunk?

A: Plausible deniability, or FUI (Fucked Under the Influence).

Q: Why does he keep turning me around when we dance?

A: You're ugly as fuck and he's trying to bust a nut so he doesn't have to put any more time into you as needed.

Q: Why'd he disappear in the middle of the song?

A: He just busted a nut in his pants.

Q: It's 2 AM... Does he REALLY just want me to come over and watch a movie?

A: Yep... ASSHAT.

Q: Does she think I have a tiny dick?

A: She KNOWS you have a tiny dick, and by lunchtime, Monday, so will everyone else at work.

Q: Why does he need meds to have sex with me, but porn gets him hard?

A: Go look in the mirror.

Q: When's a good time for me to ASK for head?

A: When university-educated winged pigs are spotted soaring through the sky!

Q: Why does she shove her tits in my mouth when we're fucking?

A: You talk too much.

Q: When's a good time to ask or bring up having a threesome?

A: Anytime you want to be single again.

Q: Why does his shirt smell like perfume?

A: No comment... ASSJACKAL. 



Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


November 8, 2018


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     Don't recognize these names? I'm not surprised in the least. You may be wondering who these men are & what's so special about them; some of you may have already taken to google to find out. Allow me to enlighten you...

The first 6 names are of those with ties to Arizona who gave their lives in service to their country during one of the numerous stages of the Gulf War prior to April 22, 2004. The last 6 are servicemembers who ALSO made the ultimate sacrifice, but AFTER April 22, 2004, the day PAT TILLMAN was reportedly killed in action in Afghanistan. These 12 men were sons, fathers, husbands, & brothers...


     My point? To congratulate as well as express my disappointment, and frustration.

Congrats to not only Arizona But America for showing so much support for Tillman and his memory, The Tillman foundation, numerous events honoring his memory and sacrifice, immortalizing him for all posterity. We've successfully made him a source of pride for not only the state of Arizona but America as a whole.

     Unfortunately, in doing so we've also managed to trivialize the same sacrifice of not only the 12 men mentioned earlier, but also the other 200+ service members from Arizona, as well as the other 6,800-7,000 Americans who deserve the same respect, recognition, and attention as Tillman, but won't receive because none of them gave up a professional football career to serve their country... WE SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED & ASHAMED OF OURSELVES...


Assorted Truth

An ongoing series of Half Truths


November 8, 2018


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     As in any battle, one must assess & gauge the capabilities & limitations of the enemy in order to devise the best & most effective offense & defense possible to achieve victory. The battle between men & women being no exception...

- Women have more sensually sensitive areas than men. The back of the neck, between her shoulder blades, her ears, waist, & thighs are just a few.

- Women can dance with other women but it's weird as hell to see 2 guys dancing together, like a fruit-filled dance battle.

- A straight woman can kiss another straight woman; enough said.

- Men can sit with their legs open; well, so can a woman... as long as she's prepared to have a lot of men dropping shit & picking it up in front of her if she's wearing a dress or skirt.

- People generally trust a woman more than a man.

- A woman can compliment another woman's body/figure; she can compliment a woman's ass or tits... Men can't do the same; "Hey Johnny, your dick looks good in those jeans" just doesn't sound right.

- Women can compliment her friend's man more than once and in more detail. While a woman can complement specific parts of his body, anything other than, "okay, he's sexy as fuck" might get your ass kicked. A man can't say some shit like, "You bro, your girl's got some big ass titties & a fat ass!" no matter how long you've been friends.

- Men can piss standing up.

- It's easier and more discreet for a man to jack off & cum than a woman to play with her pussy.

- It's easier and takes less effort for a woman to suck her man's dick than it is for him to eat her pussy.

- Women are multi-orgasmic & will always be capable of out-fucking a man, which also makes her more capable of sexually satisfying multiple men at one time. Where a man can barely fully satisfy 1 woman, much less 2 or 3.

- Men lose weight/build muscle faster than women; however, women are generally more motivated to get into shape than a man as they get older.

- The women's clearance section in any clothing store will always be at least 3 times the size of a man's.

- There are almost always FULL curtains in the shower stalls in the women's locker room of the gym. For some odd, nasty-ass reason, the shower curtains in the men's locker room all look like they were split in HALF to make 2 curtains.

- Men can play fight/wrestle more so than women.

- An overweight, unattractive female will always get hit on or offered dick before her male counterpart.

- A woman can maintain her standard for the entire night; a man's standard will reduce by a half point for every half hour closer to closing time; he'd rather get his dick sucked by an overweight beastmonster with no teeth and snot dripping from her nose before he goes home with a dry dick.

- Most women have more clothes in her closet than a man.

- A group of men won't let one their friends hang out with them looking like shit; it brings down the stock of the entire group; A woman will at least let one of her friends go out looking like trash; either on purpose to make themselves look better, to keep from looking like a bad friend, or not wanting to hurt their feelings.

- Women won't try to have a conversation with each other through the bathroom stall while taking a shit.

- A man will abandon/sell out his friends or bail out on guys night out for random pussy quicker than a woman will ditch her friends for random dick.

- Women stay mad/angry longer than men.

- Women can go long without sex than a man.

- Most men cum/orgasm much quicker and with less effort than a woman.

- A woman will suck her man's dick before he'll eat her pussy.

- When it comes to sexual history, men will always lie UPWARDS to seem like a ladies' man, where women will most likely either tell the truth or lie DOWNWARDS to avoid been seen as a slut.

- It (should) take a man less time to get ready to go out for the night than a woman.

- Men are less noticed if they wear the same clothes to the club 2 weekends in a row more than a woman would be.

- Women put more care into how they look; men care more about what they have.

- Women wash their hands after using a public restroom more than men.

- Women will ALWAYS get hit on more than men.

- Men are more likely to take a shit in a porta-potty.

- Workplace dress codes are ALWAYS more strict for men than women.

- Women can give each other, "pet names"... A man can't call another man, "Baby Boo-boo" or, "Sugar-nuts".

- Women can give each other, "Just because" gifts, birthday cards, & say, "I love you", after a phone conversation. A guy can't say, "I love you, here's a teddy bear I saw at the store & it reminded me of you" to his boy.

- Women can hug each other tightly with no time limit.

- Men will generally pay more for a drink at a bar than a pretty girl.

- Women take rejection from a stranger better than a man.

- Men bounce back from a breakup quicker than a woman. A man will use another woman to fuck in order to forget about his ex.

- More men dress up like women for Halloween than women will dress up like a man... Halloween; the one day a year where a man can come out the closet, without being judged.

- Women can give each other massages, men can't do the same; "Yo Brian, you look tense turn around and let me rub your shoulders"? Wait, what???

- Women can refer to her guy as, "Young man" or, "Dirty old man". You'd better not call your woman a, "Dirty old lady" It doesn't have the same effect.

- Women are better at reading body language.

- Women have a more accurate, "Gaydar".

- A 50-year-old woman knows that when she gets hit on by a 26-year-old, he most likely just wants the pussy. A 50-year-old man will actually try to have a relationship with a 26-year-old woman.

- When eating out, women are more likely to send food back to the kitchen than men.

- Women will lie more about her age and/or weight & body type while men will lie more about his income and education.

- Male strippers earn more in tips than female strippers. Men are cheap and tip smaller bills, where women are normally tipping with their husband's money and will generally tip larger bills. Plus, male strippers allow more physical contact than females will.

- Women are more likely to report sexual harassment.

- Women fake orgasms WAY more frequently than men.

- Men avoid commitment longer/more than a woman.

- Women generally fall in love before a man.

- Women are more likely to say, "I don't know".

- Women are more likely to clip coupons and bargain shop.

- Men watch more porn.

- Men are more likely to believe a stripper actually likes him.

- Men are more likely to attempt to operate/assemble something without reading the instructions.



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